Suzhou, China

Mandy Zhang



Date of Birth:
Oct 07,1982

Want to Work in:
Suzhou, China

Work Experience:
5-10 year


Manufacturing & Mechanical

Chinese(Mandarin), English

technician, international trade, representative, international trade, sourcing, logistics, business assistant

My major in university is mechanical design & manufacture, and have got CET-6 certificate. I engaged in technical and international trade work after graduation from school in the passed 5 years. I have worked with foreigners for more than 3 years. With my experience in pumps and mechanism for the overseas market, I am well positioned to facilitate owners and end users of such equipment making wise choices for their industrial needs. I also have proven capabilities in QC, logistics, and all types of documentation.
I am a responsible, understanding, careful, easy-going girl, and full of love. I think life is not just a simple life. I believe that a man should study till his dying day. Keep learning and working, so we can adjust ourselves and assimilate to new environments, then we can enrich our life and have a real happy life.

Work Experience
Suzhou,China - INTMPE inc. (CANADA)
from 2007.09 to 2011.12
Engaged in purchasing, technical support, and miscellaneous export tasks with the following responsibilities:
Quality Control [QC]: visit foundries and factories during manufacturing and assembly processes.
Pre-delivery Inspections [PDI]: Inspection of goods prior to shipment, inspection of packing methods and materials, and inspection of shipping containers.
Logistics: Arranging and supervision of carrier companies in China and Overseas. Tracking goods shipped from manufacturer to final destination.
Technical Drawings: Technical Literature: Proofing and correcting drawings. Translating to and from Chinese and English.
Sourcing: Sourcing complete pumps and valves, components for pumps and valves and auxiliaries. Sourcing wear parts and suggesting alloys and other ‘best practice’ materials options for slurry and other heavy industries. Negotiating costs and terms of payment. Coordinating and managing payments to suppliers and brokers.
Management: Reporting and advising on all phases of the above work to employer. Presenting reports on the best overall options for the employer's objectives.
technician; international trade director
Wenzhou, China - Tengyu Pumps & Valves Mfg. Co., Ltd.
from 2006.07 to 2007.08
Involved in Technical management for initial 6 months, then International trade development for next 7 months.
Technical side: Cataloging and consolidating general arrangement drawings. Modifying drawings updates for magnetic pumps, chemical pumps and support services. Concurrently working with Tengyu product development team in research and development of high power magnetic pump annunciation and instrumentation parameters. Offering technical counseling before sale and selecting pump’s type.
International trade: Start up international trade work department for the company. Translate production’s catalogs, stylebook, technical and parts manuals, user’s guide book and related company information. Develop customers abroad. Management leader for the new department.
Engineer Assistant
Wenzhou, China - Technical Centre of Zhejiang SenKen Stock Industry Co., Ltd.
from 2006.02 to 2006.05
Technical Centre of Zhejiang SenKen Stock Industry Co., Ltd. with siren, interphone and caution light structural & appearance designing and job title of “assistant engineer”.
Suzhou - Suzhou Hauke Precision Machine Co., Ltd
I currently work here
Work in my husband’s company as assistant to operate the company normal running.
Bachelor's Degree, Mechanical Engineering & Design - Mechanical Design & Manufacture
Zhejiang Sci-Tech of University - Hangzhou , Zhejiang
from 2002 to 2006

2002/2003: Class Scholarship, "Three goods" Student
2003/2004: Class Scholarship, "Three goods" Student, Outstanding Cadres of the Communist Youth League
2004/2005: Class Scholarship, Three-good Student, First Class of "Sang Ma(桑麻) " Scholarship, Outstanding member of the Communist Youth League, Outstanding Cadres of Association, the Outer Critics’ award for general cultivation of University
2005/2006: Outstanding Graduates of Colleges and Universities in Zhejiang Province

Accomplishments & Memberships:
2002/2003 President’s Assistant of scholastic Deng Xiaoping Theory Reading Association
2003/2004 President of Student Community Supervise Committee of Mechanical Engineering and Automation Academy
2004/2005 Association’s President of Mechanical Engineering and Automation Academy
2005/2006 Second Students’ Party Branch Secretary of Mechanical Engineering and Automation Academy
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