Yokohama, Japan

Christophe Ancelin



Date of Birth:
Sep 03,1974

Want to Work in:
Tokyo, Japan

Work Experience:
> 10 year


Computer & Math

English, French

please refer to the cv / resume

Teams and Projects Management
Localization and Terminology experience on all video games platforms including multi-platforms titles
Quality and Priority focused
Problems solving / Solutions providing
Improvement oriented
Team worker
Multi task
Motivating and self motivated
Hard worker
Perfectionist and detail focused
Open minded
Video game player

Computing Development
MS Office, Open Office
Mantis, DevTrack, Test Track Pro, Jira
Neighborhood, Target Manager
TRC / TCR / LotCheck
Submission process
Mastering and burning builds for all platforms (Burning Lab)
Updating all platforms firmware
Technical assistance


[[Linguistic Tester and Linguistic Lead Tester]]

Tabaluga: Save the green world (PC / DS)
Publisher (出版社) : ATARI
Developer (開発会社): Rocket Science Games

My Horse & Me (PC)
Publisher (出版社) : ATARI
Developer (開発会社): W!Games!Games

Imagine Figure Skater (DS)
Publisher (出版社) : Ubisoft
Developer (開発会社): Ubisoft Paris

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon (Wii)
Publisher (出版社) : Square Enix
Developer (開発会社): h.a.n.d. Inc.

The Witcher: Enhanced Edition (PC)
Publisher (出版社) : ATARI
Developer (開発会社): CD Projekt Red Studio

Leapfrog projects (Consoles, Toys, Tag reader)
Publisher (出版社) : Leapfrog
Developer (開発会社): Leapfrog

Race Pro (X360)
Publisher (出版社) : ATARI
Developer (開発会社): SimBin

Alone in the Dark Inferno (PS3)
Alone in the Dark (X360)
Publisher (出版社) : ATARI
Developer (開発会社): EDEN Games

Bionic Commando (PC / PS3 / X360)
Publisher (出版社) : Capcom
Developer (開発会社): GRIN

[[Localization Project Manager]]

WWE Legends of Wrestlemania (PS3 / X360)
Publisher (出版社) : THQ
Developer (開発会社): Yuke’s

UFC 2009 Undisputed (PS3 / X360)
Publisher (出版社) : THQ
Developer (開発会社): Yuke’s

SmackDown vs Raw 2010 (PS3 / X360 / PSP / Wii / DS)
Publisher (出版社) : THQ
Developer (開発会社): Yuke’s

UFC 2010 Undisputed (PS3 / X360 / PSP)
Publisher (出版社) : THQ
Developer (開発会社): Yuke’s

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP)
Publisher (出版社) : Konami
Developer (開発会社): Kojima Productions

SmackDown vs Raw 2011 (PS3 / X360 / PSP / Wii / PS2)
Publisher (出版社) : THQ
Developer (開発会社): Yuke’s

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX (PS3 / X360)
Publisher (出版社) : Namco Bandai Games America
Developer (開発会社): Namco Bandai Games

Galaga Legions DX (PSN / XBLA)
Publisher (出版社) : Namco Bandai Games
Developer (開発会社): Namco Bandai Games

Warriors: Legends of Troy (PS3 / X360)
Publisher (出版社) : Koei
Developer (開発会社): Tecmo Koei Canada

WWE All Stars (PS3 / X360 / PSP / Wii / 3DS / PS2)
Publisher (出版社) : THQ
Developer (開発会社): THQ

Escape Trick series (DSi)
Publisher (出版社) : D3 Publisher
Developer (開発会社): Intense Entertainment

Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D (3DS)
Publisher (出版社) : Konami
Developer (開発会社): Kojima Productions

WWE '12 (PS3 / X360 / PSP / Wii)
Publisher (出版社) : THQ
Developer (開発会社): Yuke’s

Army Corps of Hell (PS Vita)
Publisher (出版社) : Square Enix
Developer (開発会社): Entersphere, Inc.

Work Experience
Localization Project Manager
Kawasaki - Enzyme Testing Labs
I currently work here
Localization Project Manager in Video-games from 10/2008
ENZYME testing labs, Kawasaki, Japan

Communicating with all involved stakeholders and development parties.
Managing clients requests and establishing working structures to meet expectations.
Analyzing the needed resources and conditions for goals achievements according to plans (Time, Budget, Quality).
Handling and adapting budgets allocated to projects.
Compiling, updating reports and other documents that ensure the availability of accurate projects data.
Responsible for adequate tool and process set-up to fulfill general project managements needs.
Optimizing production process. Finding solutions.
Improving and maintaining methods and tracking systems.
Managing and allocating production resources.
Managing and optimizing teams (in-house, out-sources) regarding video games testing on all platforms.
Conflict handling.
Assisting in the recruitment process.
Keeping the platforms firmwares updated.
Mastering and burning builds (Burning Lab) for all platforms.
Linguistic Lead Tester
Ste Adèle, Qc, Canada - Enzyme Testing Labs
from 2008.01 to 2008.10
Localization Lead Tester in Video-games from 01/2008 to 10/2008
ENZYME testing labs, Quebec, Canada

Assisting the Project Managers (PM) for:
Choosing adequate tools and process set-up to fulfill general project managements needs.
Improving and maintaining the task planning and tracking system.
Goal achievements according to plans and instructions.
Managing ressources (human and hardware) the most efficient way.
Compiling and updating reports and other documents that ensure the availability of accurate projects data.
Improving and maintaining the working structures for the best coordination and scheduling.
Conflict handling within teams.
Escalating conflicts when needed.
French Linguistic Tester
Ste Adèle, Qc, Canada - Enzyme Testing Labs
from 2007.10 to 2008.01
Responsible for French Localization testing on all platforms.
Bugs reporting and regressing.
Communications within the team(s).
Providing solutions / ideas to optimize teams and production processes.
Providing daily reports to the Lead testers and/or Project Managers.
Additional Information
[DIPLOMAS and STUDIES] Licence MIAS Maths-Computing applied to sciences (BAC +3) in Marseille, France - Faculté des sciences de St Charles Computing Development – Programming (BAC +2) in Dijon, France - AFPA BAC « S » (Sciences baccalaureate ) in Aix-en-Provence, France - Université Aix-Marseille Marketing and Sells (Professional certificate) in Marseille, France - ADEF // [COMPLEMENTARY TRAININGS and STUDIES] Airline Pilot studies Commercial and Technical English lessons Accounting studies [HOBBIES and INTERESTS] Travels Sports Aviation Space Music (listening and playing) / Movies / Series / Documentaries Multimedia Restaurants Gardening
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